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things are like that

Things are like this is a fictional short film that aims to create a historical record of the emotions we felt during the 2020 home confinement and at the same time question our sex-affective systems.


To do this, the love and dislove story of Artur and Celia is told, two neighbors who are left alone in their flats during confinement, intimately support each other, but she has a partner who has to return to see when all this is over.

leading actress - Cèlia Andrés

director and screenwriter - Marc Esquirol

screenwriter - Pau Berlanga

assistant director - Miguel Ferreiro

producer - Mar Prat

producer - Federica Monge

director of photography - Jordi Manchado

gaffer - Simón Gracia


· We appreciate donations of all amounts


· From donations of 12 € we will give you a link to see the short film for the first time, up to 9 months before the rest of the public and with a talk with the team.

  · From € 150 you will own the proportional part of the short film and you will be able to benefit from the same% of profit.

foquista - Júlia Ferroig

art director - Clara Estevez art director - Caile Chiner

sound director - Aina Siurana

sound director - Òscar Acón a

sound assistant - Lucía

assembly - Marina Ayet

original music - Sócunbohemio

help us produce the short film!



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